• Provide our customers with quality products, services, and solutions that meet or exceed their expectations, through a process of continuous improvement.
  • Demand a fair return for our products, services, and solutions. Without profits we are not able to sustain the innovation and technology our customers have come to expect.
  • Strive for the highest possible level of moral and ethical standards. Without our integrity we cannot be a positive influence on our families, community, or industry.
  • Sustain a work environment built on cooperation, trust, and respect, where win-win relationships, equity in economic compensation, and service and contribution to our community, suppliers, customers, and employees are the norm.


  • Christ-like: Do what is right rather than what is expected. Be Christ-like in our actions and words. Seek the Lord’s help in all we do.
  • Tasks: Work with honesty, transparency and integrity.
  • Compassion: Have compassion for everyone we encounter. Always show kindness and respect for our employees, customers and vendors alike. 
  • Accountability: Have accountability for our words, actions and results. Honor our commitments.
  • Team Work: Work together as a team to be successful.
  • Gratitude: Give credit where credit is due.
  • Loyalty: Be who we say we are and have ownership in our company.


In 1969, Jake Diel founded Jake Diel Construction Machinery in Hereford, TX. By May of 1989 the company had become Excel Machinery and was moving into a 32,000 square foot facility in Amarillo. In 1994 a 24,000 square foot shop and an 8,000 square foot warehouse were added.

Today, Excel Machinery has grown well beyond our humble beginning in Hereford. We employ approximately 90 people, have 75,000 square feet of combined shop and office space, and have three branch offices. Excel became 100% employee owned in 2010 and is still growing and changing.

We serve markets both in the United States and internationally and manufacture everything from crushers and portable screening plants to conveyors and electrical control packages. And all the related parts!

Excel Machinery was one of the first companies to manufacture portable crushing plants designed to meet the recycling needs of the construction industry. We have an established reputation for quality equipment, quick customer response, and practical expertise in rapidly bringing to the market new products and technologies. Call us today to find out how Excel can help you and your business.